Being an SME can be very tough. Business owners need to juggle resources and funds to keep up with the demand of the business. Every entrepreneur needs to find ways on how to make their operations more efficient and profitable. Finding reliable partners is key to addressing this.

In this article, we will share our picks for the top 5 tech startups that can help propel SME businesses in Manila. We have researched this startups and they have proven traction in helping small businesses. These are startups who went above and beyond helping companies grow.

Pick 5: Utak

UTAK was launched in 2018. It is a cloud-based tablet POS & Inventory system designed from the ground-up specifically to fit MSME’s (micro, small and medium enterprises) like food kiosks, cafes, restaurants, services and retail stores. Utak help these businesses make the transition from having an inaccurate paper-based manual sales/inventory system  to a real-time, easy-to-use cloud-based tablet POS system.

It allows the small business owners to manage their business on-the-go, and feel like they are in their store, even when they’re not. Utak helps entrepreneurs prevent pilferage and wastage of their stocks. Their ultimate mission is to help empower small business owners across Asia grow and expand – especially through leveraging the power and insights of data. They want entrepreneurs to manage their businesses from anywhere – even from their phone, increase profits, hire more people, generate more cash flow and grow bigger.

Utak has been used by established food franchises like the Potato Corner Family to Night Food Markets like Mercato Centrale.  IT has been deployed to new fast-growing brands like Nitro 7 Coffee to established classics restos like Uncle Moe’s Shawarma. They have gone from having a few spots to having a presence in some of the biggest malls around like SM, Ayala Malls and Greenbelt – and dozens of cafes, services and retail kiosks like Pedal Cafe, Proppy Socks, Man Pomade and more.


Pick 4 DibzTech Inc

Dibz co-founders Leeroy Shoko and Donald Saurombe came up with the app due to a personal experience of having difficulty parking here in the Metro. The concept materialized in mid 2016. Dibz is an on-demand mobile application-based platform that allows drivers to reserve and electronically pay for a parking spot near your intended destination. It also allows mixed use parking by reducing the under utilization of existing parking spaces.

For businesses that have a mobile workforce, this is very convenient. I’m sure alot of you encounter being late on your meetings due to traffic and difficulty finding parking. This app saves you the embarrassment of being late on your client calls and meeting. It can also be used as employment perks.

Restaurants, stores and offices can benefit from this. If your establishments have limited parking spaces you can tie up with Dibz so they can help your customers. This reduces opportunity loss of clients and make sure you can serve them conveniently.

Dibz has four services which are Self-Park, Park with Valet, Dibz for Enterprise, and Residential Parking. In Self-Park, car owners can reserve their parking spot in advance through the Dibz App. They just need to reserve, navigate, and park their car. For car owners who are in a rush, Park with Valet can be their go-to parking service. All they must do is set their drop-off point and meet the Dibz Valet Driver, and the driver will park their car for them.

Through Dibz Enterprise, companies who availed this service gives privilege to their employees for having a hassle-free guaranteed parking. They can also get the perks of exclusive discounted parking and employee rewards. While in Residential Parking Partnership is suitable for Condo owners who also own parking spaces. If they leave their parking space for at least for 4 hours, they can monetize from it by renting it out through Dibz.

Dibz has been helping companies like DMCI Properties. For DMCI they never had complaints about parking for their residents and guests. Doctors and patients were able to park conveniently using Valet Drop-off point for Aventus. Dibz has been a go-to app for sales representatives who are on-the-go.


Pick 3 Alfox Printing

Alfox Printing Services was founded in Feb 2014 by husband and wife tandem Mr Michael Lim and Mrs Abigail Lim. It is to serve the on-demand printing services by offering quality, affordable and quick turnaround time printing services. Alfox offers various printing services such as business cards, marketing collaterals, tarpaulins, t-shirt printing, products labels and more.

Alfox launched its online print shop – It’s a 24/7 online print ordering platform where customers can place order anytime, anywhere. Businesses can have their orders conveniently delivered to their offices directly. If your business is in a hurry, these guys can quickly print your marketing collaterals and have it shipped.

Most of Alfox’s clients are home-based business owners who are into food business, hair products, soap business or simply entrepreneurs / startups needing marketing collaterals, product labels and promotional items. The company understands how it is to start a business as entrepreneur. We work with our clients offering the our best prices and accommodate small quantity orders. We support them also in meeting their short time-frame requirements. We believe that as their business grows we are also growing with them.



Pick 2 Taxumo

Taxumo is an end-to-end web-based tax assistance platform that allows Philippine based freelancers,  SMEs & self-employed licensed professionals to file and track their tax requirements. In a matter of minutes, taxes can be filed and paid online anytime and anywhere in front of your computer or mobile device.

By simply entering one’s income & expense on the app, tax dues are calculated real-time and tax forms are auto-generated and auto-filled. With a click of a button, taxes are filed online. The app also auto-generates accounting entries for easy transfer to one’s manual books of accounts.

Taxumo solves the problem of inconvenience and hassle of the many self-employed individuals and SMEs who lose an average of 193 hours just to comply with the tax obligations in the Philippines. By enabling SMEs to drastically reduce the time they spend on tax compliance ( by automating 99% of the process), Taxumo empowers SMEs to stop worrying about taxes so they can focus on building and growing their businesses.

Taxumo has been very helpful to SME’s. Here are some of their clients RV Marketing Services, Treehouse Yoga, Online Jobs University and many more.

Pick 1 LalaMove

Lalamove is an on-demand delivery app that provides same-day and scheduled delivery services. Launched in the Philippines on 2016, Lalamove’s mission is to make local deliveries faster and simpler. This is achieved through innovations such as instant order matching, real-time GPS delivery tracking, and 24/7 services. Not only does the service help fulfill customers’ business
needs, it also leverages on the sharing economy to allow drivers to use their existing vehicles and earn more.

As of 2018, the Lalamove delivery platform is present in 9 countries and over 150 cities across Southeast Asia. One of their loyal clients is the leading ketogenic diet meal provider in the metro, Ketos of Manila. The company has grown from placing merely 10 to 20 orders daily to more than 400 orders in just a span of a year!

Aside from cutting 70% of logistics cost and skipping the hassle of managing their own fleet, many of Lalamove’s clients like the flexible and consumable payment terms, wide array of vehicles, insulated box option made for perishables, and great client service experience that Lalamove provides.

As of late 2018, around 700 small to medium businesses and well established companies areusing Lalamove as their logistics solution. At the rate of their growth, Lalamove is becoming a household name and synonymous to fast and efficient delivery.


AdMov is a smart programmatic advertising for rideshare cars. They help SME’s run digital ads through tablets installed in TNVS vehicles. Through technology they help businesses deliver personalized ads to the right people at the right place, context and time.

It leverages AI and facial detection to allow companies reach their right audience. Using the camera of the tablets, they can distribute shows and ads to targeted demographics. This helps companies avoid wastage ads and ensures passengers are attentive by distributing relevant contents.

The platform also allows companies to run ads based on location. Businesses can target clients on where they are traveling. You can target based on city, zones and establishments. This helps a lot in running campaigns targeting offices, residential  and commercial zones.

AdMov has been helping companies in different industries. Here are a few of them: Unilever, Casio, Luksloft and etc. The team not only helps businesses but also helps TNVS drivers through ad revenue sharing.

AdMov is a smart programmatic advertising and intelligence platform. Helping businesses deliver personalized ads to the right people at the right place, context and time.Pm us for those interested to advertise with us #AdMov #OOH #DigitalMarketing

Posted by AdMov Transport Marketing Solutions on Monday, 17 September 2018


Author: Bobby Ben Davis Cristuta

Bobby is the CMO and Co-founder for Admov Philippines. He is a serial technopreneur. He is passionate in delivering emerging marketing channels and bring Manila as destination for innovative advertising technologies.