Getting people’s attention is one of the most challenging tasks for advertisers nowadays especially here in the Philippines. Consumers are being flooded with lots of advertisements. Many brands are competing that consumers are bombarded with too much information.

If you drive across EDSA Guadalupe there are around 93 tarpaulins and billboards within those areas. A consumer that lives in QC can encounter over 250 advertisements when they go to work. We are not counting the amount of they see in Facebook and websites.

Being able to make an impression to the consumerd and become top of mind has been very difficult. Here are some guides on how to tackle this issue.

How can brands get more attention despite these competition?

* Unique Content– one of the best way is to offer content that brings value to consumers. When we say value, it could be something interesting, helpful, fun and more relatable.  These contents should be unique and homegrown.

Consumers are so fed up with traditional spam. A glance of a conventional ad (like the ones you see in flyers and typical ads), people automatically activates their anti spam filters. People are so accustomed with traditional ads they have evolved into species resistant to them.

Companies that have the best contents are the likes of Budweisser, Pepsi and Old Spice. Their ads are so iconic, people even download them and share them in all social media. We will discuss on a separate article what content types fly for Filipinos.



* Don’t play the hard-selling card– this is something that brand managers and marketers should put into  heart. They want logos all over commercials. People are human, if you have content that has alot of logos on it better replace the entire segment with a scaled up logo instead.

Jollibee is one of the best when it comes to this. Their latest ad (the bittersweet episode wherein the guy didnt get the girl and ended up friend-zoned during the wedding) was a perfect mix of storytelling and associating the brand.

The commercial was focused more on the story and they were able to relate the Jollibee restaurant without distracting the flow. The agency who did this made an outstanding work on this. People had an emotional connection with the story while recalling the Jollibee brand.



* Real People Real Story– this is something advertisers especially the traditional ones will find difficulty getting this concept. We are now at the period that people are looking for real stories than commercial manufactured ones.

Commercials are premium grade. They are well produced with all the lighting, camera effects and scripts. Did you know that people doesn’t really give a rats ass about polished shows?

This phenomenon is now trending. People follow real people and real stories. PewdewPie is a classic example, who would have though a guy playing a video game and reacting through a webcam would gain millions of following. Check the organic reach of brand posts, you will notice they are lesser than bloggers and influencers who streamed their experience in Facebook Live.

We are not saying we don’t invest on quality lighting and video, what we are emphasizing is focusing on true experience. The more candid and less scripted the better. Our world is already filled with many facade, people are looking for something real. Try considering this on your next content.



* Utilize Untapped Advertising Channels– when Facebook and Youtube was at its early stage, alot of brands were able to capitalize their marketing leveraging these channels. When other brands realized the trend, hundreds of thousands jumped in. Today, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube posts are flooded with tons of information.

Many of the consumers have grown weary of these ads that they skip these. Part of your marketing mix is to explore channels that are untapped. These untapped channels can bring more attention for your brand.

Let’s take for instance billboards, we see alot of them in EDSA. The only thing I could remember is the billboard ads of bench in Guadalupe. Instead of competing on that space, look for new ways to reach your target audience.

Admov is good example of this. Instead of investing millions on billboards and tarpaulins, you can advertise directly inside Uber and Grab cars. This example can help by-pass distractions from other ad segments and give focus to your brand.

Tons of billboard in Edsa. Competing for attention on that ad space is very difficult

Author: Bobby Ben Davis Cristuta

Bobby is the CMO and Co-founder for Admov Philippines. He is a serial technopreneur. He is passionate in delivering emerging marketing channels and bring Manila as destination for innovative advertising technologies.