AdMov is a new service that would be launching in the beginning of 2017. They provide a form of Digital, Out-of-Home Advertising that uses in-car advertisements in Ride-Sharing vehicles that enables companies to Reach and Engage the exclusive passengers of Uber and GrabCar.

What makes them stand-out compared to other advertising mediums out there is their Captured and Confined environment. The enclosed¬†space gives advertisers the time and attention needed to convey a brand’s message as well as to showcase their products and services. They deliver interactive content in a rich digital video format
AdMov is unique because they intercept active consumers with relevant, highly targeted messages as they move throughout their day providing advertisers with greater flexibility and location-based relevance to deliver messages that are unmissable and un-skippable

They also provide several engagement methods that can link your advertisement to your E-Commerce site, Corporate Website, Social Media sites, or email address. These methods can be by using QR Codes or Short URLs. Their most popular engagement method is the use of vouchers and discount codes.

They have a flexible business model that allows Advertisers to spend only what they need based on their target Reach.

For a limited time (December 15 – January 30), they are offering 30% and 50% discounts on their Advertising rates. Inquire or schedule a demo and meeting now!

Reach out to them by sending an email to or by sending a message to their Facebook Page

Author: ellard capiral

Ellard is the Founder and CEO of AdMov Philippines. He is passionate with technology and startups. Always on the look-out for ways to change the world.