AdMov Tablet Advertising

Admov tablet advertising is a marketing platform that allows brands to reach affluent TNVS riders. Running tablet ads allows companies get the undivided attention of the riders and tell their stories. The platform leverages technologies to help companies target and know their customers better.


Facial Recognition

Using the camera of the tablet, AdMov analyzes the face of the riders. It extracts the age, gender and mood of the riders. Brands can now specify to which demographics their ads should be shown.


Advertisers have the power to specify where their ads can be shown. Using location-based marketing companies can target ads on where their customers travel.

Interactive Experience

Riders can interact with the tablet. Companies can run call-to-action buttons and get sales leads. Marketers can run surveys to understand the rising middle-class riders better.

HD Tablets

High definition tablets are deployed to the fleets. This ensures passengers get the best experience when watching contents and ads. Riders get to see your company story in vivid detail.

High Attention Rates

Traditional OOH (billboards/elevator tvs) can only offer 4 to 30 seconds of attention time. AdMov can offer even longer. An average Filipino spends 2 hours daily on the road. Get their undivided attention while telling your story on the road.


Advertisers can now access useful information for their in the road campaigns. Know who watched your ads, what’s their demographics, where they are coming from. Run surveys and gain marketing intelligence from the riders.

How it Works

Running ads with AdMov is very easy. Just follow these steps:

Contact Us

Reach out to us and tell us more about your campaign.

Specify Targets

Tell us who you want to target. We have packages that will work for all your needs.


Once campaign is finalize, AdMov will distribute your ads to the TNVS fleet.

Reach the affluent riders of Grab and TNVS