Alot of Filipinos love Uber and Grab. For them, these ride-hailing apps are heaven sent. It provided comfort for commuters who spend hours in traffic. The drivers are exceedingly professional. They dedicate alot of time making sure the passengers’ travelling experience is safe and very comfortable.

In this article, we will tell the story of the men and women behind the wheels. We will stories that most you are not aware off. These are their tales on how they became Uber and Grab drivers.


Meet Mang Rodolfo


Rodulfo used to work for a shipping company here in Manila. The company downsized and he was forced to have an early retirement. This incident was very difficult for his family. His retirement package was not enough to sustain them.

He tried applying for jobs, but companies the companies rejected him and prefer younger candidates. The younger ones have lesser salary compared to the tenured ones. For months, he was jobless. This brought despair to his family as they saw their savings dwindling.

Uber became the saving grace for his family. He took a gamble and bought a Toyota Vios. In a span of 6 months, he was able to get a decent income from driving. He was able to bring food to the table and support his grandchildren’s education.


Meet Jun


Jun used to work as an OFW in Riyad, Saudi Arabia. Recently, their company had to retrench workers. He was forced to come back to Manila. This was very difficult for him as he has some heart problems.

He tried applying but most that were available were night-shift BPO jobs. His health complication restricts him from pursuing such career. When he saw the FB ads of Uber, he decided to invest his savings on an Avanza and become a Grab driver.

This opportunity allowed him to have a new career. He was able to generate a decent income. He no longer needs to seek a job abroad because of this.


Meet Raymond


Raymond is a young professional who works for a government owned corporation. Recently, his wife gave birth to twins. For months, they struggled to make ends meet.

The twins were eating up to much of their budget. His day job was not enough to provide the milk, diapers and needed sustenance for the newborns. This became complicated since his wife had to quit work so she can focus on the babies.

That’s when he decided to invest on a new car and become an Uber driver. He works at his day job at 8 am to 5 pm. After that, he drives his car from 6 pm to 1 am. Despite the hectic schedule he consider himself blessed since this enabled his family survive.


Meet Mang Simeon


Simeon has the most tragic story among the drivers that we encountered. He used to own an ink refilling station but fate was not kind to him. His business went bankrupt because his employees pilfered the products and stole his customers. His company also faced tough competition when the Chinese businessmen entered the market.

For years, he was struggling to keep his negosyo afloat. One day, his daughter, a young professional in Makati, advised her father to quit. She saw how the loss was taking toll with her father’s life. She couldn’t bear the despair and depression from her father.

She decided to use her little savings to invest on a car. She encouraged her father to start a new career and become a driver. Simeon was able to recover thanks to Grab. He was able to recuperate his lost income by driving. Since he was busy, it became a treatment to his depression.  He mentioned to us that he would have lost his mind if Grab wasn’t there to save him.



Help Us Help the Drivers

These stories are the driving force of AdMov. We felt compelled to share this so us people can appreciate them. We feel the struggles of these good people and we want to take action to address it. This is our own little way of saying thank you to them.

AdMov is not just an advertising platform where brands can play ads through tablets inside Uber and Grab. It is a platform that aimed to make life better for the drivers. We believe by helping augment the income of these drivers, the Filipinos can have the best riding experience.

If you know any company whom you think can benefit from our ad-platform, please let us know. We can help them advertise their products to middle-class and upper middle class passengers of Uber and Grab. With this we can help both business and drivers grow.





Author: Bobby Ben Davis Cristuta

Bobby is the CMO and Co-founder for Admov Philippines. He is a serial technopreneur. He is passionate in delivering emerging marketing channels and bring Manila as destination for innovative advertising technologies.