These past several months, we have been talking to hundreds of marketers ranging from ad agencies, SME’s and business owners. A common pain point with them is the lack of measurements when it comes to running Out of Home (OOH) media campaigns.

Many of them are struggling how to measure the ROI for their billboards and lamp posts campaigns. Often we hear the following complaints: I feel like I’m just throwing huge amounts of money and I don’t know who actually saw my ads. They also complain that they don’t know if they are hitting their right demographics for their ads. They don’t know how many became aware or converted because of their OOH campaigns.


Addressing the OOH Measurements Gaps

This is the pain point that AdMov is addressing. We are finding ways on how to leverage technologies to help marketers measure their OOH execution similar to how digital marketing measure its campaigns. The tablet being displayed on the Grab cars have the capability of measuring ads to the riders. Here are the ways on how we were able to deliver measurements for Out Of Home:


* Demographics– this is a critical component for any OOH campaigns. Marketers want to ensure that they are hitting the right demographics with higher accuracy. For them they want to reduce/eliminate waste ensuring every money they spent advertising are hitting the right targets.

Using the camera of the tablet, AdMov runs facial detection to determine the age and gender of the riders. Advertisers can now sort out how many male/female and what age groups are viewing their campaigns. Marketers can even configure AdMov to run ads to specific demographics. If the system detects the correct demographics that is the only time ads will be played. This provides huge savings if you are a media planner or marketing executive.

Marketers can now run digital ads targeting millenials with certain gender profiles at the outdoor settings. Talk about high efficiency on OOH!


Video 1.1: Luk’s Loft Campaign – Luk’s Loft is a high end hotel situated in Batangas. An overnight stay is around 25,000 php (500 USD) featuring the world class facilities for a boutique hotel. Majority of their ads are focused on CBDs targeting male/female, ages 25 to 35. These demographics have high capacity to pay and looking out for new travel experiences


* Location– this is also a critical part in measuring OOH campaigns. We want to know where our ads were seen. Being able to get this data allows us to derive a more accurate picture of our audience. Using the GPS of the tablets, marketers are capable of determining where their ads are should be shown.

Location data is very important as it helps ensures higher accuracy of our customer profile. Let’s take for instance your brand is an FMCG company. You want to target working moms ages 25 to 45. You can hit this demographics better if you target central business districts such as Makati and BGC.

If you want to influence grocery shoppers, your ads should be targeting the radius of grocery and mall zones. If you want to target residential homes for your services, you can target specific condos and communities. The possibilities are endless when you tap location data.


Video 1.2: Ignite PH Event at Shangrila Fort– this campaign maximizes geo-location and demographics targeting. The target of the events are aspiring start-up entrepreneurs (profile: college to young professionals). AdMov targeted 18 to 35 years old for the age. The ads automatically plays on central business districts Makati, BGC and Ortigas.


* Time– time is one of the most ignored element when it comes to OOH measurements. Advertisers have not yet realized that being able to target ads through certain parts of the day can yield huge returns on awareness and relevancy to the viewers.

Let’s say you are a fast food company, you can showcase your breakfast meals during morning time. Being able to make your food ads more relevant using time of day will increase conversions. Same logic goes with your noontime, afternoon and dinner meals.

When we ran AdMov, we noticed the passenger trends. Senior citizens normally leave their homes at 11 am to 6 pm. They go to malls and casinos. Senior citizens have surplus money. These people have the capacity to spend for themselves and their grandchildren.

Here is another trend, if you want to hit supervisors, managers and directors of companies try running ads at 11 am to 5 pm. These demographics, leave their private vehicles at their offices and use Grab to travel to meetings in Makati and BGC. This is a good opportunity for B2B companies like telco services, professional/consulting services, etc.


Video 1.3: Infomercial of Osakatsu Japanese Restaurant in Makati – During night time from 5 pm to 8 pm, this video is being ran in Makati and BGC. The objective of the campaign is to encourage working class to have a buffet dinner on this unique restaurant.


* Conversions – yes it is possible to measure conversions using new OOH today. AdMov is an example of a platform capable of doing that. Call to action like email capture and QR codes can be utilized by marketers to measure conversions.

We ran campaigns requiring users to take a photo of the tablet to avail discounts. They need to present the photo to the retail outlet. It yielded good awareness and conversions.

The reason why AdMov is effective is because of its captive environment. For 15 to 30 secs brands can run ads and call to actions. People stuck on traffic have the attention time to participate on the call to action.


Video 1.4 GCash Campaign– here is an example of a video driving call to action to passengers. They want riders to use referral codes on the GCash ads to measure conversions. This ad was played for 15 seconds, ensuring more than enough time for passengers to react and drive action.

Benefits of New Measurements for OOH

OOH is now capable of doing measurements similar to digital marketing. Media planners now have a new set of ad technologies that could provide value for their client’s marketing mix. Here are some benefits of this new measurements

1.) Know your Viewers– Marketers can now know who are viewing their ads. This allows them to ensure that they are hitting the right demographics. Knowing the right demographics is better determined by demographics, time and location data.

2.) Increase Relevance– Marketers can now target ads to the right customer. They can customize their campaigns ensuring that their ads remain relevant to their audience. This helps ensure higher awareness and even conversions for your campaigns.

3.) Better Measure for ROI– for those gunning for massive awareness, you can save a lot of money by targeting the correct customer profile. Billboards and lamp posts can be very expensive. If you are able to target correct customer profiles, you can guarantee your business that every budget counts.



OOH is still an important media for marketing. We strongly believe it plays a large part in awareness and the journey of the customer to path of purchase. Due to lack of measurements, marketers are having problems utilizing it compared to digital media.

With AdMov, we combine the best of both worlds. Marketers can now leverage the potential of OOH and measure it similar to digital media. Leveraging on this platform can provide new opportunities that can help improve their campaigns. Stay tuned as we unveil more studies especially on conversions and market intelligence using this new OOH.


Author: Bobby Ben Davis Cristuta

Bobby is the CMO and Co-founder for Admov Philippines. He is a serial technopreneur. He is passionate in delivering emerging marketing channels and bring Manila as destination for innovative advertising technologies.