Last Sept 13, 2017, the Daily Insights conducted an interview with the AdMov CMO, Bobby Cristuta. The show discussed how AdMov works. It also tackled the opportunities it provides to the advertisers, passengers and drivers.

Making Traffic More Enjoyable

AdMov is an infotainment platform inside Uber and Grab vehicles.  On-board tablets are installed inside the vehicles so passengers can watch funny shows/informative videos. Based on statistics, an average Filipino spends to 2 to 3 hours travelling. The platform is designed to ease the pain of Metro Manila traffic by providing engaging  contents to the riders.

There is Money in Traffic

In the interview, Bobby highlighted how companies can easily gain market shares from the affluent demographics.
The technology leverages artificial intelligence, facial detection and location-based marketing. Companies will be able to customized their ads to effectively target the riders.

The hosts were very impressed on the content delivery of the platform. They saw the potential on how AdMov can help grow  any company working on the middle and upper middle class.

Helping Drivers Improve their Service

Bobby also tackled AdMov’s advocacy of helping the Uber / Grab drivers. Drivers can increase their ratings by providing on-board entertainment for their passengers. They also get a percentage of the ad revenue. The additional funds can be used  to help their families and further improve their service.

The platform left a very good impression. Eagle Broadcasting Corporation and AdMov are exploring partnerships on promoting their online channels using the platform. Both companies saw opportunities on how it could help passengers.

Find out more about this interview through the video below.


Author: Bobby Ben Davis Cristuta

Bobby is the CMO and Co-founder for Admov Philippines. He is a serial technopreneur. He is passionate in delivering emerging marketing channels and bring Manila as destination for innovative advertising technologies.