I have to admit, Facebook ads are very powerful. I think every brand and company whether big or small should add it on their marketing mix. Did you know that in-transit ads such as AdMov is also a good channel for your digital marketing channels?

Advantages of Facebook Ads

Both digital channels have their own pros and cons. With Facebook ads you can target per age, gender, interests and behavior.  You can specify what are the stuff that you audience will be most likely interested in. You can use the behavior dimension such as their activities, anniversaries, mobile usage, etc to further refine your targeting.

Marketers can use these dimensions to further drill in who should their ads reach. Facebook ads offer call to actions such as Shop Now, Learn More, Inquire to generate fill-up forms for the users. This is very useful in acquiring leads.

Facebook is powerful and has a rich set of users. However, a drawback with this media is the ad space is very saturated. Many people have grown immune with ads, everytime the see one either they skip or instantly flick the screen. Since there are plenty of posts, getting attention became harder.

Facebook Ads are not also accurate when it comes to targeting location.It is difficult running ads on people that are within a location at real-time.  If you are a shop owner and you want to influence mall-goers to go to your shop, it is hard to target these people in real-time.


Advantages of AdMov Ads

AdMov is also a digital marketing channel that can be used like social media. Marketers can run personalized ads based on age, gender and location of the passenger. Marketers can run ads based on the time of day. It also has call to action similar to FB ads.

Using facial detection, the AdMov platform allows marketers to target the age and gender of the rider. Using location-based marketing, you can limit your campaigns per cities, zones and establishments. Correlating these dimensions allow you to target the right audience at the right place, time and context.

Being able to specify time and location, allows you to influence your audience better. If someone near a mall, running ads to those travel time can influence more traffic to your retail store. If a rider, is within a residential zone, you can influence them to avail our condo services (laundry, cooking wares, etc). Timing plays a big role in making your ads more contextual.

Let’s say you are a new Japanese resto, your target are millennial consumers near your resto. You can run campaigns within the 1 km of your establishment. You can run promos to folks ages 22 to 35 to drive traffic to your doorsteps.



Which is Better Facebook Ads or AdMov Ads?

It really depends the on the budget and campaign you are eyeing. If being exact on location is not your priority, Facebook is a good channel to maximize. I tried running tons of Facebook ads, the cost per impression is affordable. However, I noticed since a lot of companies are tapping it, I’m having difficulty getting engagements and conversions.

AdMov ads cost a little bit higher but it generates results. Around 10 brands competes on the airtime. You can pinpoint which zones you want your ads to be displayed. When we ran promos for a certain watch company, we were able to drive lots of traffic to their shop.

I recommend that you mix these two channels and try them out. Measure which works better for you. If you need help on how to optimize your campaigns, feel free to contact us. We would be happy to help.

Author: Bobby Ben Davis Cristuta

Bobby is the CMO and Co-founder for Admov Philippines. He is a serial technopreneur. He is passionate in delivering emerging marketing channels and bring Manila as destination for innovative advertising technologies.