I know this might sound a little crazy, but did you know that the trend of digital is to become everywhere? We are not talking about just on smartphones and computers. It is not limited to Facebook, Youtube, etc.  Digital media will literally be everywhere whether it is part of retail stores, transport vehicles and other out of home segment.

Due to technological advancements, digital media as we know it will evolve drastically. The role of digital marketers will not be confined on mainstream social media.  Artificial intelligence, facial detection and location based marketing are the 3 pillars on this new transformation.


Opportunities with Facial Detection and AI

The biggest gap of Out of Home (OOH) lack of online analytics. There is no clear cut way of measuring demographics (age/viewers) on billboards and lamp posts is not possible. Through the years, brands have been clamouring for better visibility of their audience, flexible targeting for their OOH campaigns and more cost-efficient ways to reach their customers in an outdoor setting.

With the development of AI and facial detection, this is now possible. Using the cameras of CCTVs and other OOH devices, machines are able to determine the age, gender and mood of the people they see. There are AI’s capable of analyzing behaviour of their subjects and deriving meaningful marketing data.

In this article, we will focus on our experience on AdMov fusing OOH with Digital Marketing. We will share what we encountered with our campaigns.


Merging OOH and Digital Marketing

AdMov specializes in in-transport marketing. The company installs tablets inside TNVS vehicles such as Grab, OWTO and Hype. This helps companies reach the rising middle class passengers of this ride-sharing vehicles. The platform utilizes new technologies such as facial detection, artificial intelligence and location based marketing.


Benefits of AdMov as a Digital Media + OOH Media

* Better Ads Targeting – Using the camera of the tablet, AdMov is able to determine the age and gender of riders. Facial detection allows brands to track and run personalized contents and ads to the riders. It is like Facebook-On-The-Go, you are running ads to Grab riders.

Image 1.1 Facial Detection Ads Delivery: AdMov targeting 20s to 50s demographics inside Makati. Campaign run for Osakatsu Makati Japanese restaurant.


* More Accurate Location Based Marketing– It is a very powerful tool for advertisers. Marketers can run ads based on target locations that they are interested. Using the GPS of the tablets adscan be played per zones (ie residential, commercial, office, etc),  run can run per city or even per establishment. Location based marketing allows flexibility for digital marketers to execute campaigns relevant on where the person is.


Video 1.1 Graphics Expo Campaign by Fiera De Manila– AdMov has been utilized to promote events such as Graphics Expo. The audience for the event are 18 to 65 years old professionals working in Metro Manila. The event ads were run in BGC, Makati an Ortigas CBD.


* Higher Attention Time– In an article of Time Magazine,  it was reported that the average attention time of people now spans at 8 seconds. This can be attributed to the boom of social media. There are hundreds of posts/ads in Facebook, Instagram and other social media. All are vying to get the attention of the consumer.

Nowadays, people tend to automatically swipe down or skip an ad whenever they see one. Digital marketing companies are forced to create 5 second contents just to deliver a fast point to a person. If social media can give you 8 to 10 seconds attention time, AdMov can run 3 minute contents without riders skipping on it.

Effective marketing is about being non-intrusive. Brands can get more attention to a rider stuck on traffic than someone who is enjoying around and doing social media stuff. Combine it with effective targeting and relevant content, you will increase engagement from viewers.


* Marketing Intelligence– Over the past months, AdMov has evolved. It became more than just an advertising platform. Large companies are using it to extract marketing intelligence from the riders. Companies can run surveys to get a pulse of their marketing campaigns, competitor analysis, feedbacks on their products, etc.

Leveraging the attention time and creative merge of technology, AdMov generates around 6 to 10% engagement on its surveys. This is considered high for digital.

* Better Measurements– facial detection and AI helps address that gaps on measurement for out of home media. You can now have demographics data, time, location and even conversion in AdMov. This helps provide a birds eye view of campaigns for advertisers.

Facial Recognition OOH

Figure 1.2 Live Data Reports AdMov – Marketers can have a rich set of data for analysis this ranges from demographics, impressions, time and locations.



In the next few months, the industry will see another transformation of marketing. We will see fusion between OOH and digital. We will see the fusion of trade marketing and digital.We will see MarTech platforms to become closer to people and influence the path to purchase better

Stay tuned as AdMov will be featuring more techs that will shape the future of how we do advertising. We have exciting new techs to showcase on our succeeding articles.

Author: Bobby Ben Davis Cristuta

Bobby is the CMO and Co-founder for Admov Philippines. He is a serial technopreneur. He is passionate in delivering emerging marketing channels and bring Manila as destination for innovative advertising technologies.