In a study by Statistica, the total revenue of E-Commerce in the Philippines is 1.6 billion USD. It is expected to grow up to 2.8 billion USD by 2022. Philippines SMEs and large companies have lots of opportunities ahead when it comes to e-commerce. Effective marketing channels is crucial to leverage this growth for businesses. In-transit ads such as AdMov can provide this.

What is In-transit Advertising?

Unlike its traditional transit advertising cousins (bus wraps, car wraps, taxi tops), in-transit ads are more effective in getting leads for e-commerce businesses.  Bus wraps can give companies massive awareness. But its attention time is limited to 4 to 5 seconds.

Using tablets inside vehicles, companies can utilize new touchpoints to the riders. They can run longer ads to tell stories while these passengers are commuting. They can run promos and other lead generation campaigns.

They can run highly-targeted ads based on demographic, time of day and even location.  This makes campaigns more personalized making more effective sales conversions.


Benefits of Utilizing In-transit Ads for E-commerce

  • Higher Attention Time– a passenger on a rideshare car travels around 2 hours per day. Companies can have all the airtime they need to get their attention and drive call to action from these riders. Companies can run 15 seconds and up advertisements and get the undivided attention of these riders while travelling.
  • Call to Action– unlike bus-wraps and other transit advertisements, in-transit ads like AdMov have the capability to capture leads. It has similar capabilities of digital marketing channels wherein companies can get emails, run QR codes and push coupons to its audience.
  • Targeted Ads Campaigns– a strong value proposition of tapping in-transit ads is its ability to do targeted ads. Companies can run campaigns based on the age and gender of the passenger. AdMov utilizes facial detection to identify the age/gender. Brands can run personalized ads thus increasing chances of conversion and decrease wastage on ad spent for advertisers.
  • Influence Path to Purchase– In-transit ads have the capability of influencing people while on the go. Companies can influence the buying decisions of these riders by running ads to malls and retail outlets. If you offer rare or more affordable wares, you can run ads to commercial establishments so the riders can compare your offerings against traditional channels. By differentiating, you can get a large piece of mall-goers to buy on your online channel instead.
  • Digital Tribes– Passengers of rideshare cars are considered digital tribes. Unlike mass consumers who always opt for free stuff in the net, these riders spend online. They have access to credit cards. They are open on spending more for stuff that can help their lifestyle.


In-transit ads combines the best of both worlds of out-of-home advertising and digital marketing.  Through in-transit ads, e-commerce businesses can run highly targeted ads and influence purchasing on the riders. Leveraging this medium can help drive more traffic to your Lazada and Shoppee online stores.

Author: Bobby Ben Davis Cristuta

Bobby is the CMO and Co-founder for Admov Philippines. He is a serial technopreneur. He is passionate in delivering emerging marketing channels and bring Manila as destination for innovative advertising technologies.