In an era where time is a luxury, consumers prefer on-the-go stuff. People don’t have time to watch television anymore, they prefer using streaming services that let them watch their favorite shows on their phone. They don’t use public transportation, instead, they book ride-sharing apps like Grab that will enable them to avoid areas that are heavily congested like EDSA and other CBDs.

As a brand, how can you create a connection with your target market when they are always in a rush?

Who is ADMOV?

AdMov is a ride-share advertising company that connects brands and consumers via ride-share vehicles. AdMov uses a type of ride-share advertising known as In-Car Advertising, this type of medium shows relevant and targeted ads to riders in the backseat with the aid of a smart tablet.

What is ADMOV?

AdMov is a mixture of the traditional OOH and Digital Ads incorporated with AI Technology. AdMov is able to provide a new and more reliable advertising platform that can help brands and revolutionize the advertising industry.


Are you wondering why you should run your next ad campaign with AdMov? Here are some of the reasons why you should

Direct Contact With Potential Customers: AdMov is the closest thing to one-on-one advertising. It brings you closer to people and makes it easier for your brand to connect with your target market.

Cost-Effective: Advertising in social media and traditional media can be very expensive. You can spend a lot of money without getting commensurable results. With AdMov, placing your ads are inexpensive and cost-effective. You don’t need a big budget to start as we offer a wide range of packages you can pick from depending on your campaign goals.


Technologically Advanced Platform: Unlike the usual tablet advertising where ads are played on-loop. Our platform can deliver ads through audience-based targeting with the use of AI Technology. It can also detect if there are no passengers in the car. Once it detects that there are no passengers it will stop playing the ads. Making sure that your ad spots are not wasted.


No Skip or Pause: We make sure that your audience will fully digest your message. This is why there is no skip or pause button on the ads but audiences can choose to replay your ad. This allows brands to highlight every important aspect of your ads that might influence your target audience.


AdMov allows Non-Traditional Brands: Traditional advertising mediums have a lot of restrictions that tend to be against business in certain industries. This includes alcohol, gambling, and more. AdMov is open to all legit and legal businesses.

Do you want your brand placed in front of potential customers with minimum distractions? Would you like it at a competitive cost? AdMov can help you set-up your next campaign and generate the right buzz for your brand. Email us at to learn more about our services and our rate cards.

Author: Angela Beltran