In this generations’ fast-paced modern world, getting your brand name out there requires a lot of effort and money. This is why over the past decades of brands advertising themselves, multiple ways have either succeeded and flopped.

 Today, the efficiency of an advertisement was more challenged than ever when the generations start to avoid printed media. Businesses online may gain attention through various social media platforms but anyone can still just hide or pay to avoid your ads.

 With this situation, the real challenge is how can you get your company’s name, services, and products out to your potential consumers?

 One of the services offered by AdMov and a great method to consider is car wrap advertising. This method has been earning popularity among businesses that wants another way of doing mobile advertising.

What is Car Wrap Advertising?

This is a new method in advertising that straightforwardly gets your brand out there. Businesses can put images, lettering, and any information they want to laminate and apply to the vehicle.

With car wraps’ process, businesses should not only consider it to look good but also it will still look good despite the changes in weather and temperature.

5 Benefits Why You Need to Start Car Wrap Advertising


  1. They Are Hard to Miss

Catch your potential consumers’ attention with your vehicle.

Most vehicles are just plain and simple, the human eye is attracted to anything different. This is one reason it is so important to have a professionally wrapped vehicle.

As your vehicle will be generating a lot of attention, you might want to get your vehicle look professional and aesthetically pleasing for consumers (considering a balance between your appearance and efficiency of your ad).

  1. Hit Two Birds with One Stone

The most amazing thing about vehicle wrapping is that you can utilize your existing assets for your advertisement.

For example, if you already have a service vehicle in your company, you may also use that to reach a large audience aside from its original servicing purpose.


  1. Can be Changed Easily

A vehicle wrap is one hassle-free method in advertising.

When you have wrapped vehicles, you don’t need to buy a new vehicle or fleet. You can simply have the wrapper removed and a new one applied when you want to change the advertising.


  1. Active Advertising

Social media platforms and websites usually rely on people knowing that a company or product exists before they can draw attention. Your wrapped vehicles can be your way to get those potential customers out there go to your sites online.


  1. Cost-Effective Advertising

Like what anyone else does, commercials and online advertising will either be skipped or will be muted from potential consumers’ devices. This little act of these consumers usually leads to huge waste or loss of money and exposure of a brand.

 By comparison, the consumer-friendly wrapped vehicle is viewed as more positive.

Potential consumers may not be interested yet with your brand the first time they see your vehicle; however, the next time they see it, they may be considering a service or product, and the vehicle reminds them.

This can also drive foot-traffic to your website without costing you an extra for the multiple exposure.

How can you get a Car Wrap service?

Do you want to increase your brand visibility? Do you want your own mobile billboard? AdMov offers Car Wrap services. If you want to know more email us at to know more about Car Wraps and our rate cards.

Author: Cyara Belando