Increasing recruitment is a tough challenge for the BPO industry. These companies run different channels ranging from out-of-home advertising, tapping recruitment firms, spreading their recruitment hubs everywhere, etc. The industry is trying to keep up to fill up spaces for their accounts.

In-transit ads can help increase recruitment by easily bringing high quality talent to your BPO doorstep.


What is In-transit Advertising?

Unlike its traditional transit advertising cousins (bus wraps, car wraps, taxi tops), in-transit ads are more effective in getting recruitment leads.  Using tablets and screens inside vehicles, companies can run longer ads to tell stories about their BPO and why it stands out from the rest.

BPO companies can get recruitment leads via call to action forms through these tablets. You can increase conversions by putting ads enticing prospects (sign up bonus, better career opportunity, nearer to their homes, etc). Sourcing and recruitment teams can tap on these leads generated for interviews.

Why Tap on In-Transit Ads Like AdMov?


  • BPO Employees Prefer Rideshare Cars– When we conducted interviews with the drivers, 60% of the night time riders are BPO employees. These folks prefer using rideshare because of its safety and convenience. Managers and directors also tap rideshare services to transfer them from one office to another especially during coding.
  • Day-time Office Employees– Rideshare cars are also the preferred transport for day-time office employees in CBDs such as Makati, BGC and Ortigas. Being able to reach these people can provide additional high quality talents for BPOs.
  • Higher Attention Time– unlike billboards, in-transit ads have attention time lasting 15 minutes to 30 minutes. BPOs can run 15 sec to 30 sec contents for them to entice and differentiate their workplace from the rest.
  • Call to Action– In-transit ads like AdMov have the capability to capture leads. It has similar capabilities of digital marketing channels wherein companies can get emails, run QR codes and push coupons to its audience.
  • Targeted Ads Campaigns– a strong value proposition of tapping in-transit ads is its ability to do targeted ads. Companies can run geo-location ads targeting key areas for sourcing. You can run campaigns in university areas, office areas, BPO hubs. This can help make your campaigns increase conversion and reduce ads spent.

Author: Bobby Ben Davis Cristuta

Bobby is the CMO and Co-founder for Admov Philippines. He is a serial technopreneur. He is passionate in delivering emerging marketing channels and bring Manila as destination for innovative advertising technologies.