Last March 2018, AdMov launched a marketing campaign for Osakatsu restaurant.  Osakatsu is a unique Japanese resto situated in Valero St, Makati. It is the first Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Katsu resto in the PH. Unlike other Katsu restaurants, patrons can eat unli katsu and they can cook it by themselves.

This resto offers a unique experience rivaling those offered by Korean BBQ restos in the Metro. Like many SME’s, they also faced challenges in marketing. Despite having a unique selling proposition, they struggled driving foot traffic. They are getting customers but they want to fill out more seats.


Osakatsu AdMov

Figure 1.1 Osakatsu restaurant located in Valero St Makati


Osakatsu AdMov

Figure 1.2 Buffet Selection


Osakatsu AdMov

Figure 1.3 Do-It-Yourself (DIY) katsu experience


Problems Faced By Osakatsu

#1 Lack of Good Contents – it is expensive hiring a good creatives team. If they do it by themselves, they come up with videos that are not that eye candy. They wanted to create a video ad that tells the story of their company and reflects its brand.

#2 Saturated Social Media Channels– the owners of Osakatus has been running good social media campaign. However it seem to get enough awareness from their channels. Despite spending on boost posts and paid media, foot traffic remains low. It seems getting attention of netizens have become harder for them.

#3 Lack of Better Localized Targeting– after running campaigns in social media, Osakatsu marketing had difficulty targeting people within their establishment/city. Everytime they run a paid ad in social media they keep on getting likes from wrong people. For them it seems they are wasting their budget to wrong targets.


Solution: Tap Innovative Partners

In partnership with STREETVIBE, our teams came up with a strategy on how to make Osakatsu raise awareness more efficiently. For the creatives side, the resto tapped StreetVibe. Their group is known develop videos that look premium and eye candy.

These guys know how to make your brand look good, I tell you! They create creative contents that they trend in social media organically. They whip out their creatives wizardry and created a beautiful story for Osakatsu through video.

AdMov was tapped to ensure the videos are seen by high value demographics. Who represents this high value segments? The Grab riders of course! These folks have the capacity to pay. These people have the appetite to pay premium to enhance their lifestyle. These riders compose the rising middle class Filipinos which is a lucrative niche for Osakatsu.


Campaign Execution: Influencing the Working Class of BGC and Makati

Everytime a passenger travels within Makati/BGC the infomercial of Osakatsu  being played. Riders discover this new resto and are enticed to visit it. This allowed the business to share the experience to the riders.

Lately we asked the owners how is their business doing. We are very happy to hear Osakatsu is growing rapidly. I talked to the owner they are now planning expansion to malls. This is not bad considering its barely 5 months since they launched.

Video 1.1: Osakatsu informercial being ran at an AdMov tablet near Glorietta 4 Makati


Lesson Learned

What can we learn from this experience? Creative marketing plays a critical role in hacking growth for any business. Businesses should find creative ways to get the attention of their customers. Don’t be stuck on just using traditional marketing approach.

Innovative companies like Unilever and Coca Cola know the value of using untapped marketing channels. In order to standout, successful brand find new ways in enhancing their customer experiences. The synergy of StreetVibe and AdMov enabled Osakatsu to achieve this like the big boys.

Author: Bobby Ben Davis Cristuta

Bobby is the CMO and Co-founder for Admov Philippines. He is a serial technopreneur. He is passionate in delivering emerging marketing channels and bring Manila as destination for innovative advertising technologies.