The problem we are seeing in social media is that it is too crowded. An average person swipes around 50 posts on one seating of FB and Instagram. Social media has become too saturated nowadays, that its hard for SME’s to get attention and tell their stories. So how do we address this problem?


The answer lies in utilizing untapped marketing channels like in-transport ads like AdMov.


What is In-Transit Advertising?

In-transit ads is a combination of digital marketing and out-of-home advertising. It combines the best of both worlds. Using tablets installed in rideshare vehicles, SMEs can raise awareness about their resto’s, shops and business to the riders. They can tell stories and run promos through posters and videos similar to Facebook Boost Posts.

The beauty of in-transit advertising is that its not just a mass media play. It is highly targeted on reaching high value passengers of rideshare cars. These riders have high capacity to pay and can drive business for your company. They are not your typical mass consumer segment.


Leveraging In-Transit Technologies Like AdMov

AdMov uses different kinds of technologies to make in-transit a programmatic advertising platform like Facebook. You can upload photos and videos online. Using facial recognition of tablet camera, you can target riders and run ads that based on their demographics.

What is really cool about AdMov is that unlike Facebook you can run ads based on the location of the rider. You can run ads within a city, zone or establishment. The geo-location accuracy is very high compared to social media. Most users of FB and Instagram doesn’t activate their GPS. AdMov tablets runs it 24/7.


When Do You Use In-Transit OOH?

  • Boost Awareness within a Location– using location-driven ads, you can target customers within a vicinity. For a resto owner you can target riders of communities you are eyeing.
  • Drive Traffic to Your Establishment– let’s say you want to spike customers going to your shop. You don’t need to invest on massive lamp posts and flyering which can be very expensive. You can run promos and coupons to riders so you can reach them.
  • Drive Traffic based on Time- in-transit ads allows you to run campaigns based on time of day. If you want to boost traffic on your resto for breakfast meals, you can run special campaigns to AdMov. If you have idle hours for your shop, you can entice people with special promos to fill the lull hours.
  • Niche Marketing– In-transit ads like AdMov, leverages place, time and demographics of the riders. Like digital, you can use these dimensions to make your campaigns more dynamic and flexible. For SME’s running a B2B service, you can hit decision makers by running ads on offices targeting people ages 27-38. You can hit purchasing professionals, managers and even directors. Being able to raise awareness and reaching these people can help your business

The targeting capability of in-transport ads has its advantages over social media. You get to hit the right people at the right place, time and context.


If you want to learn more on how to leverage in-transit ads. Feel free to contact us so we can help your campaigns.

Author: Bobby Ben Davis Cristuta

Bobby is the CMO and Co-founder for Admov Philippines. He is a serial technopreneur. He is passionate in delivering emerging marketing channels and bring Manila as destination for innovative advertising technologies.