Four years ago, I launched this small business called SlowMoManila. It was a slowmo photobooth. It is considered the most premium booth for weddings, debut and corporate events.

The service was great. I was getting organic leads from companies like Smart, P&G, Google and Facebook. Despite all the success in getting high-end events, we were having problems growing our personal events. Getting traction on weddings and debuts was very slow.

The challenge that I faced was how to reach the middle-class Filipinos more efficiently. In a country wherein 70% are in the lower class segment, you need to find ways on not wasting marketing campaigns on the wrong targets. I will share with you tips on how we overcame this.

Navitaire Casino Royale Christmas Party

2017 Navitaire Casino Royale Christmas Party #NavCasinoRoyale2017Music Credits: Jim Yosef – Can't Wait (feat. Anna Yvette)

Posted by SlowMoManila on Sunday, 3 December 2017

Video 1.1 Amadeus Navitaire Xmas party –  Sample slowmo booth video deployed by SlowMoManila


Top 5 Tips on How to Efficiently Reach the Middle Class Filipinos

Tip 5: Partner With Event Venues– find events on where your customers are. For our case, we wanted to penetrate the wedding industry. I scanned through all the wedding events and chose those whom I know have large middle class attendees.

Events are perfect to find leads and raise brand awareness. Attendees are looking for something new and can help them. Being in expo’s and food tasting events helped on our case. For SME’s, finding organizations related to your business will help. They can expose you to key suppliers/partners and your audience. This can help in speeding up traction for new customers.


Figure 1.1 Targeted Events– here is a sample of a food tasting event where were run brand activation for SlowMoManila. Attendees of these types of events are soon-to-wed couples.


Tip 4: Invest on Brand Activations– related to tip 5, you need to invest on the user experience for your event booth. Make sure your booth is presentable and reflects the branding of your company.Make it attractive to entice the crowd.

Showcase your product well. You need to find ways on how the attendees can experience your offering. Being able to demonstrate your product is key on getting leads from these events. This will allow you to test the copies of your brochures. Clients who experience what you are offering can easily be converted

I don’t believe giveaways like free shirts, fans, etc. That strategy is a waste of money and I see implementations of those that yielded low conversions. If I will give something for the attendees it would be something from the service itself. For SlowMoManila, we gave away their slow mo videos or a picture from the booth.

The attendees were able to test out the booth and they have a cool slowmo video that could share around with their friends. They were able to experience the booth and we got additional reach because they were sharing it. Find ways on putting your product/service as a souvenir. Best that they experience it, if you are planning to giveaway something explore discounts or coupons instead.

Tip 3: Play your Social Media Marketing Right– I spent nearly 1000 USD on paid ads in Facebook and Instagram. It yielded some likes but zero clients. Yes, only likes but no business.

I realized the most efficient way to use our page is to simply put the videos and photos of our happy clients. We made the page the central repository wherein people can grab their slowmo videos and photos. Since the clients are happy, they share it around with their friends.

This allowed us to generate word of mouth from our clients. The videos of their friends become our gateway on getting new clients. The same principle can be applied with most SME’s. Post happy customers. These folks will become your brand ambassadors.


Tip 2: Invest on your Online Presence– Many businesses are cutting corners when it comes to their online presence. Often you see SME’s having crappy social media pages and websites. This kills your company’s brand I tell you.

For websites/ social media pages, make it very presentable. Make sure it tells the story of your company correctly. Make the feel of your site represent your brand. Hire a website developer if you don’t know how to code. It is a worthy investment.

I suggest you make sure that you have all the call to actions and contact us placed correctly on your channels. A common mistake among SME’s is that they have all these contents to entice people, but they place their call to action far from these contents. Make it easy for people to connect with you when they are interested.

Middle class folks discriminate. They shy away on shops that looks crappy. Same goes with online presence.

Figure 1.2: SlowMoManila – the website is designed to showcase the service and make it fun. Logos and assets are carefully crafted to make the SlowMoManila site hip.


Tip 1: Leverage Untapped Marketing Channels– I am a huge fan of Unilever and Coca Cola. These brands constantly find innovative marketing channels. This is the reason why they always become top of mind with their consumers.

For our case, instead of spending ads in traditional channels like Facebook and Instagram. We ran ads in AdMov. Why? Because the riders of Grab and Uber all have money. These people represent the rising middle class. Being top of mind to this lucrative niche is what my company is targeting.

I compared the effects of running an ad in social media versus AdMov. So far I am impressed with the latter. I am hitting the right people. People who can pay and willing to spend for better experience.  People who are does not work in Krusty Krubs and E Di sa Puso Mo who will never avail my services.

With AdMov, my Facebook and websites received 10 inquiries per week through the platform. 1-2 of them convert which is pretty good. Combining the other strategies mentioned above our company is able to generate a sales pipeline that is sustainable for the business.


AdMov SlowMoManila Implementations Tips SME Philippines AdMov

Figure 1.3 SlowMo Manila AdMov Promotion – Promotion videos of SlowMoManila are being aired to the Grab riders via AdMov. This is seen throughout Metro Manila


Hope these tips inspires your marketing strategies. Reaching the middle class can be tough but it is definitely possible. If you need any help feel free to contact me at my LinkedIn. I’d be more than happy to help out fellow SME’s and startup entrepreneurs.



Author: Bobby Ben Davis Cristuta

Bobby is the CMO and Co-founder for Admov Philippines. He is a serial technopreneur. He is passionate in delivering emerging marketing channels and bring Manila as destination for innovative advertising technologies.