Christmas is around the corner. Everyone is starting to feel the holiday spirit. Many companies are starting preparations for their parties. We compiled the top 7 ideas to make your company Christmas party successful this 2017. Hope this helps for your event planning.


Top 7 Company Christmas Party Ideas for 2017

#1 Where to Source Food

Food is perhaps the most important element for a party. Everyone is looking forward to the yummy treats as they celebrate the holidays. Here are some caterers you might want to explore:

Good Meal Hunting – this company has a wide selection of international cuisines, ranging from Korean, Thai, Halal, etc. Their dishes are cooked by homecooks. They also do catering and company pax lunch. A notable thing about Good Meal Hunting is that most of their dishes are very healthy. If you would like to encourage healthy nutrition during your celebrations you should try them out.

Good Meal Hunting Christmas Party ideas 2017



Bizu Pastisserie – Did you know Bizu also offers catering for events? In fact, this company is considered the Ferrari for Philippines catering. They provide the finest meals in the Metro. They are sought after by celebrities and companies looking for high-end courses for their celebrations.

Bizu Catering Review Philippines Christmas party ideas 2017



#2 Where to Source Venue



There is a high chance that companies are now having problems reserving event spaces in hotels. Did you know that there are other alternatives for Christmas parties?


FlySpaces is a digital marketplace that provides short-term work and meeting space solutions to entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs and mobile professionals. They also offer rental for event spaces all over Metro Manila. They have event spaces for 10 and even 1,000 attendees.

Flyspaces review Philippines Christmas party ideas 2017

FlySpaces events venue

The cool thing about FlySpaces is that they can include amenities such as food & beverage options, high speed wifi, extra tables and decorations, HD TV, microphones and sound systems, and added decorations.  Pretty convenient huh?


#3 Where to Source Host



A successful Christmas party depends on a good programme and an entertaining host. Many companies come to realized that hiring a reliable host is essential to make their event more festive. Did you know that there is a company that can provide you celebrity hosts?

Ralf Event Management is a company that offers celebrity talents. Just give them your preference/budget and they will recommend the right celebrity hosts for your event. They have access to different stars from ABS CBN, GMA and TV5. They also have access to internet sensations. These hosts can help make your Xmas party rock!

To contact Ralf Event Management, you call them at 09177997253 or email them your event needs at

Ralf Events Top 7 Company Christmas Party Ideas


#4 Where to Source Parking



Ugh! Parking during Christmas holidays is a big pain for most companies. Most of the spaces are occupied. It takes hours to find a spot in malls and hotels. Luckily this 2017 you can now make things easier for your employees.

Fetch is a valet parking app. Instead of roaming around parking lots you can reserve parking at the tip of your fingertips. You can reserve a slot. Once you are in the area, a Fetch crew will provide valet service for your car. As of writing, Fetch is currently servicing in BGC Taguig. They are expanding to other central business districts, hopefully the service will be available during the holidays.

Fetch Vallet App Metro Manila Philippines Christmas Party ideas 2017

#5 What to Dress



Let’s face it. It is very important to look not just good but stunning during these parties. Like SONA (State of The Nation Address), employees want to look at their best. Many people will try acquiring their dresses/suits at department stores. However, when you purchase these clothes you will be frustrated with the fitings. Many will have buyer remorse because they don’t look good on the clothes they bought!


Melaine Yu Couture is one of the best custom-made clothes designer here in Manila. Despite the fact that their shop is located in Divisoria, their company is tapped by many celebrities and tv networks for their clothing needs. Jessica Soho even crowned Melaine as the Queen of Bridal Couture in Divisoria. Their company also provides premium cocktail dresses and suits for corporate events.


Melaine Yu Bridal Couture Review Philippines


#6 Where to Source Souvenirs



Ever since photobooths became popular a decade ago, attendees are looking forward on bringing memorabillas from celebrations. Everyone wants to upload memories from the event in their Facebook/social media. Did you know that there is a company that takes these on-site souvenirs to a whole new level?


SlowMoManila is a company that offers slowmo booth services. Photobooths have become boring lately. Guests just stand, strike a pose and that’s it. A slowmo booth requires the guests to dance and do crazy stuff. This brings alot of laughter and fun during the party. Guests are given a copy of their slowmo vids so they can share in social media. Companies also get an MTV compiling the best slowmo clips from the event.



Here is an example of a slowmo MTV for a Google Event produced by SlowMoManila

Good news! SlowMoManila has offered an exclusive promo to our readers. They are giving free photobooths if you avail any of their packages. Your company can now enjoy both slowmo and photobooth experience for your event. Promo is valid for bookings made until Oct 15, 2017.  To claim this promo, just contact them and use promo code #AdMov.




#7 Where to Source Gifts




A Christmas party wont be complete without gifts for your boss, staff and peers. Normally people will go with premium ballpens, mugs and other usual gift stuffs. Here is a very cool idea, instead of material things why not give them extraordinary experiences instead?

Regaladoo is a digital marketplace that offers unique experiences. These experiences can range from pub crawling in famous bars, race car drifting in Pampanga or diving with manta rays in Batangas. We are pretty sure the recipient of this unique experiences will love it! They will appreciate the thought.

Regaladoo Philippines Review

Regaladoo Review Philippines Christmas party ideas 2017

Sample unique experiences being offered at







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Author: Bobby Ben Davis Cristuta

Bobby is the CMO and Co-founder for Admov Philippines. He is a serial technopreneur. He is passionate in delivering emerging marketing channels and bring Manila as destination for innovative advertising technologies.