Proximity marketing is one of the best tools for running effective marketing campaigns here in Manila. By strategically placing ads, you can improve awareness or influence sales conversions. Knowing these tools can help companies gain significant market shares of their clients.


What is Proximity Marketing?

Proximity marketing is using localized wireless media to distribute ads associated to a certain place. It’s leveraging technologies to distribute ads on a certain place. The idea is to place smart devices that allows marketers to run highly targeted campaigns on where their audience are situated.

In this article, we will delve more closely on use cases particularly using AdMov. AdMov is an in-transit ad platform inside TNVS such as Grab, OWTO and Hype. It is similar with in-flight entertainment that is found in the airplanes. However this one is smarter since you can target ads per city, zone or even per establishment. It has a wide reach in Manila, making it very flexible and dynamic for proximity marketing.

Example of AdMov running in a Grab car within Edsa. Osakatsu Japanese ads automatically runs if it is within Makati and BGC area.



Leveraging Proximity Marketing for In-Transit Ads

* Shoppers – FMCG’s, clothing and retailers can benefit from this technology. Brand managers can design campaigns targeting riders going to retail outlets and malls. Using geo-location, marketers can specify running their ads at shopping districts. You can give away coupons to mom’s going to the grocery stores. You can tell the story of your brand to the working class on their way to their offices.

* Recruitment– the Philippines is considered a BPO capital in the world, leveraging proximity marketing makes a lot of sense for recruitment campaigns. You can target office areas or schools to recruit new hires. Since TNVS like Grab is considered a premium transport, you can run campaigns to recruit executives and highly skilled professionals. Call center agents, supervisors, managers even directors use TNVS.

* Mobile Apps– the beauty of TNVS riders is that they are digital tribes. They pay stuff online. They use their smartphones more frequently. Capturing this market is very advantageous for mobile apps developers. If you are a gaming app, you can target the working middle class in Makati, BGC and Pasig. These folks have the higher tendency to avail in-app purchases.

Shopping apps like Lazada and Shoppee can benefit from this. They can sway mall-goers to use their app instead to purchase stuff.

* Hotels and Restaurants– using geo-location, marketing managers can run ads near airports, casinos and other tourist spots. Everytime a Grab car drives a tourist, you can influence them in the road. Restaurant chains can benefit from this. They can target residences for their delivery service. They can influence mall-goers and drive foot traffic to their branches.




Proximity marketing is a very powerful tool for marketers. It has a lot of potential in running highly targeted campaigns. Learning this will really help increase conversions. If you need consultation about proximity marketing, feel free to contact us.







Author: Bobby Ben Davis Cristuta

Bobby is the CMO and Co-founder for Admov Philippines. He is a serial technopreneur. He is passionate in delivering emerging marketing channels and bring Manila as destination for innovative advertising technologies.