In an article by AdWeek, facial detection was considered the next big thing in technology. It is expected to grow from $ 3.3 billion USD (2016) to $7.76 billion by 2022. Part of this growth is due to its application for advertising.

Facial Detection will play a big part in the next wave of digital marketing innovation. It will allow marketers to bring engagement to the next level. It will be the next frontier of allowing brands to take a peak on the minds of their audience. Here are the top  trends that we see for facial detection (FD) in digital marketing:

#1 Facial Detection and Augmented Reality Integration

With the surge of augmented reality, marketers can integrate it with facial detection. Companies can experiment with create immersive brand experiences without being intrusive or annoying. Facial Detection allows apps to estimate customer demographics. Brands can be able to run meaningful AR experiences through it.

Using the facial detection of smartphones, fashion and make-up brands can create virtual make-over experiences to their audience. Facial Detection and facial mapping can make the experience more precise. Apps can determine the gender, age and facial features of audiences. Based from the captured profile AI can map it out allowing viewers to try out make-ups and clothes as if they are  in a physical store.




#2 Brand Activation

Facial Detection is very efficient in estimating the age, gender and mood of its audience. Because of this, there is huge opportunity for digital and the events industry to capitalize this for brand experience. They can create custom apps for product launches and brand activation.

Let’s say your a millenial eyewear company, you can use apps to allow people to try out your line. You can customized which type of goodies they can try out based on demographic or mood. You can influence people to share their photos/videos of themselves trying virtual goods. This will help make your brand activation trend even to those who have not attended the event. These people will share that experience to their friends and followers.

Talk about turning visitors into brand ambassadors on a huge scale. Supporting your event hashtag is a big arsenal for brands.

Chevrolet Brand Activation Facial Recognition Digital Marketing

Brand activation for Chevrolet in Asia. If we combine facial detection we can customized what type of robot is suitable for attendees. For this case, a more female-centric type of robot will work better for the lady trying out AR.



#3 Bridge Out-of-Home and Digital

Since facial detection has the ability to get viewer demographics, you can use this info to to hyper-targeted ads in the outside setting. You can use tablets and LEDs to display relevant ads based on what the AI is seeing. Personalized marketing is more effective compared to shot-gun marketing. It makes it more meaningful for the audience.

AdMov is an example of doing this experience in an OOH setting. Utilizing tablets inside rideshare vehicles, they allow brands to do targeted ads via facial detection. If it the platform sees a 35 male in an office district, it will display ads that suits to that type of rider.

These riders become more receptive to the ad and thus, increase engagement and even conversion for that brand. This makes ads more efficient. You eliminate waste on running ads to the wrong type of audience.

Demonstration on how facial detection is being used at an OOH setting.


#4 Content Analysis

Facial Detection is an excellent tool to measure the efficacy of your video content. Before broadcasting your videos in social media, you can run focus groups to test out their reactions. Facial Detection allows you to measure the mood of your audience. It also allows you to determine reactions per age and per gender.

AdMov has run campaigns for brands to test their contents. We were able to run tests on a controlled environment, tracking reactions of riders on videos of the brands. This provided valuable insights to help them on their campaigns.

If you are creative you can even test different types of endings and see which garnered more reactions from a controlled environment. This ensures you have the best video sequence before you broadcast it to the public.


Author: Bobby Ben Davis Cristuta

Bobby is the CMO and Co-founder for Admov Philippines. He is a serial technopreneur. He is passionate in delivering emerging marketing channels and bring Manila as destination for innovative advertising technologies.